Dealership Income Development

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Why We’re Experts

Dear Prospective Client:

Over 30 years ago, I began my career in this industry at a dealership. My time at dealerships provided me with the opportunity to experience first hand the dealership perspective. I went from a dealership to a position of vice president of one of the nation’s largest service contract providers. During my tenure as a vice president, I was actively involved in product development and was privy to the corporate side of how service contracts work and how complex they really are. As a vice president, I also assisted agents in multiple states with education, presentations and installations of service contract programs. I was shocked at the things the general agents not only told us about competitors, but also of the things I witnessed during dealer visits. We have all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”, however I saw too many dealers at too many times paying for service they never received. We at DID believe that is unacceptable. DID was founded on this principle.

We do the research on all programs, not just the ones we represent. Since administrators are constantly making upgrades to their programs, our research has to be continual. Analytical comparisons of coverage, terms and claims procedures of all service contracts in the marketplace are always an ongoing project for DID because that’s how we provide you with the best possible scenario to meet your needs and goals.

We believe that you deserve better product and service representation with transparent results regardless of type or volume. My staff and I understand that we need to work to earn your business every single day. Your business is valuable and should be earned, not expected.

Tom Luzader
President and CEO