Dealership Income Development

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Participation Programs

MYTH: You must be a high-­volume dealer to qualify for a participation structure.
FACT: To qualify for a participation structure you must sell a minimum of 10 service contracts per month.

MYTH: The sale of a vehicle service contracts generates profit only at the time of sale.
FACT: There are four profit centers associated with the sale of each vehicle service contract and you should maximize profitability through all four.

MYTH: Dealer profit participation programs don’t really pay.
FACT: By one administrator alone, over $27 million was paid in 2011 to franchised auto dealers, inception to date, over $300 million.

There should be no mystery, smoke or mirrors in dealer wealth building.

By sharing with you “The Truth About Participation”, we break down the pros and cons of Non-­Controlled Foreign Corporations (NCFC), Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC) and Retro structures so you can confidently choose what works best to capitalize your portfolio.