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Giving Back

DID is a proud sponsor of Kitchen on the Street, a faith based, volunteer driven, non-‐profit, local organization that is “Turning Hunger into Hope …One Child at a Time.”

Hunger is a growing crisis right here in America. For many kids, their school breakfast and lunch program is their primary source of nutrition. When school ends on Friday, so does the food. Kitchen on the Street fills that gap, and the stomachs for these kids. Through partnerships with schools in Arizona and Texas, Kitchen on the Street provides “bags of hope”, which are backpacks containing pre-­packaged, child-­friendly food for weekend meals.

Thanks to KOS, kids on the ‘bags of hope’ program have helped increase school test scores by 23% in math and 30% in reading, while absenteeism and behavioral problems decreased by 40%. More than this, Kitchen on the Street is showing these kids that they matter, they haven’t been forgotten and that they don’t have to go to bed hungry.

YOU could be a part of changing our community and helping a child in need. There are many ways to help. You don’t need special training, just the desire to help kids. Please visit the KOS website for volunteer and donation information and thank you for reading this page.